Well Hello & Kiss My Art 2018 !!

Hey Y’all !!
A very Happy New 2018 to each & everyone of you… Thank You for popping by to check out this new blog of mine … the reason for it ?? .. 2017 was just a horrible year for me and I made my mind up sat in hospital over the New Year that 2018 was going to have a completely ‘NEW, FRESH, ZINGY’ start to it !
Now don’t get me wrong Nellie & Elmer are still a HUUUUUUGE part of my everyday life as is ‘B.B’… no idea what I’m on about ?? stay tuned, all will become clear as this journey picks up speed !

Anyhoo, 2018 is going to be fun… I demand the powers that be to let me have fun this year !!! and the best news is I shall still be part of the most awesome Design Team ever and we will still be bringing you DT projects featuring Royal Talen products that will showcase on Hochanda, also our JJJAMA (Junk Journal Junkies and Mindful Art, Facebook group)gang is over 3000 members strong now and newbies join us everyday ..how cool is that eh !!

Also coming soon … oh heck … I can’t tell you yet about another Design Team that I’m going to be taking part in !!… you’ll just have to wait until the 1st February for that news …but I will say that this blog is going to be full of colour, colour, COLOUR !!


Oh well, must dash, I have secret ‘Things’ to go play with
See y’all soon you beautiful bloggy type peepys !!!

Stay Smiley !